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Automate the Sitecore Config Enable-Disable spreadsheet

Over the years, the Sitecore setup process complexity increased and requires more effort, since Sitecore 8.1, Sitecore provides a Spreadsheet this provides us an overview of all the configurations which require a manual adaption during the Sitecore setup. For more information see https://doc.sitecore.net/sitecore_experience_platform/setting_up_and_maintaining/xdb/configuring_servers/configure_a_content_delivery_server

If errors appear in the Sitecore log, after the Sitecore setup, the most common issue is a not properly configured server based on this configuration spreadsheet. Based on the number of changes which are needed for a proper setup, it is easy to make mistakes in this process. This script prevents us from doing failure, by removing all manual disable/enable steps.

The following configurations are included in the Sitecore spreadsheet:

  • Configuration of different Search Providers (Lucene, Solr and Azure)
  • Content Management Server
  • Content Delivery Server
  • Processing Server
  • Reporting Server

Sitecore Configuration Automation-Script

1) Download

The script is provided via Github https://github.com/SaschaHeyer/Sitecore-Configuration-Automation-Script and is published under MIT. Feel free to ask and contribute to this script.


2) Usage

For the usage, copy paste the PowerShell script to your server or your local machine where you want to use it.

Open the Powershell script with your favorite command line tool and run the script, the script asks you about the necessary parameter.

The project path needs to be set to the website folder of the Sitecore project which you want to automate configure.

csvPath This path points to the Sitecore enable disable spreadsheet

please be sure you saved the Sitecore excel as CSV.

searchProvider The tool supports the different types of search provider configurations

  • Lucene is used
  • Solr is used
  • Azure is used

server Alle Sitecore server types are supported, it is important to provide the exact name as a parameter value.

  • Content Delivery (CD)
  • Content Management (CM)
  • Processing
  • CM + Processing
  • Reporting

If you set all parameter proper the automation scripts start to change all the configurations, enables and disables the configurations related to the Sitecore setup process.

Disabled configurations are listed in yellow, enabled configurations are listed in green.


This script creates an automatic backup of the App_Config Folder which is saved inside the Website Folder as Backup.zip. With this Backup, you are able to rollback to the initial configurations.