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Setting up a Helix (Sitecore) project with Yeoman Sitecore Generator

Today i released a first version of my Yeoman Sitecore Generator*[beta]*. With this generator you can generate fast and simple Sitecore Solutions, based on the Helix[1] principles and conventions. This version also provides several Helix Layers, is preconfigured for git and nuget and also supports unicorn.

Getting Started

  1. Open a console according to your own choice, i personally like http://cmder.net
  2. npm install -g yo
  3. npm install -g generator-sitecore
  4. yo sitecore
  5. nuget restore

Node.js is a prerequisite https://nodejs.org/en

Yeoman Sitecore Generator in action

Documentation / Repo

GitHub: https://github.com/SaschaHeyer/generator-sitecore

Features (next releases)

  • .NET version selector
  • Sitecore version selector
  • publish profile (optional)
  • Full unicorn support
  • more generators (Data Exchange Framework, Sitecore Experience Accelerator)

If you find any bugs please use https://github.com/SaschaHeyer/generator-sitecore/issues/new

  1. http://helix.sitecore.net ↩︎